Offset Printing
Harty has six offset presses ranging from two-color to seven-color plus aqueous coating and perfecting capabilities. We run sheet sizes from 5” x 7” to 28” x 40”. We run envelopes from Coin size up to 10” x 13” on our Halm Jet Envelope press. Our array of equipment keeps us competitive for shorter runs through hundreds of thousands of pieces. With over 118 years of experience we guarantee that you are working with a proficient team. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand by our work 100%.
Direct Mail
Direct mail is still the number one marketing strategy used by many successful companies. Mail can drive your prospects and customers to other communication channels as part of your coordinated marketing campaign. It is important that your mailing is done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Harty has managed customer mailings for over 25 years. The key is to do data mining to incorporate the appropriate relevant messaging in the mailing piece, while achieving the maximum postage savings and ensuring that everything is compliant with the latest postal regulations. Let us show you how you can improve your ROI with Direct Mail, utilizing our proven best practices.
Harty can help you transform your business and your life with effective direct response marketing strategies. As a marketing partner to leading companies in health insurance, financial services, higher education, collectibles and nonprofit, we execute winning programs using our advanced technologies and best practices.
We offer you a return on investment in these areas and more:
• Lead Generation
• Multi-channel, Relevant Communications
• Campaign Management
• Brand Loyalty Programs
• Custom Online Storefronts

We can help track and use results to improve successive campaigns.
Comprehensive Equipment List

Harty has a comprehensive prepress and desktop support department. Our staff is expert in both Mac and Windows platforms, providing scanning, color correction, digital proofing, repurposing, full-color variable data-driven documents, and Kodak’s Prinergy workflow and direct-to-plate technology.

Press Room: 
For over 100 years, Harty has been providing the finest offset printing capabilities. Our 40″ convertible presses print up to seven colors plus aqueous coatings in quantities into the millions.

Digital Printing: 
Our variable printing capabilities let you customize, personalize and print on demand for optimal targeting of your prospects and customers. Our two Kodak E125s with in-line folding serve as our main B&W engines. We offer spot color laser printing in black plus one primary color of either red, blue or green using a Xerox Docutech Highlight Color 128 high-speed laser system. For full-color digital printing, we run an HP Indigo 7000 full-color press that prints up to 13″ x 19″.

Data Processing: 
Our data processing skill and capabilities set us apart from our competition. Successful data-driven projects are dependent on the ability to manipulate and process data.

Bindery and Fulfillment: 
Our bindery offers turnkey finishing solutions, including collation, pick and pack, fulfillment, folding, die-cutting, saddle stitching, inkjet imaging, wafer sealing, and inserting.


The core of our prepress department is a Kodak Prinergy Connect System. Five Kodak Premium servers house Prinergy primary, Backup, InSite, Eyemedia, and Magnus Render services – 1.5 terabytes of primary storage, 1.5 terabytes of Eyemedia Library Storage. InSite is for online customer access of job pages for approval and corrections. InSite is also for online customer access to Eyemedia Library’s archived files. Switched gigabit pipes effectively manage network traffic and supply a seamless gateway for our broad range of input and output devices. With over 3 terabytes of storage, our Kodak Prinergy Connect System single-page PDF processing provides for a refine-once, output-to-many device workflow that guarantees lower cost and greater reliability.

Scitex EverSmart Pro Scanner
10 Mac OS Workstations
4 Windows Workstations
Supported Software
Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6
Quark 9
InDesign CS6
Acrobat 7
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 
Other software upon review

2 Preps Imposition Workstations
1 40″ Canon iPF80005 2-sided Color Inkjet Proofer
2 40″ Epson Stylus Pro 9800 Color Inkjet Proofers
1 40″ Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Color Inkjet Proofer
Xerox DocuColor 242 with Imation MatchPrint DFE
HP DesignJet 5500ps Large Format Color Inkjet Printer
Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetting System

Workflow Support
Kodak’s Prinergy workflow system is the backbone of Harty’s digital platform. This system extends integration, collaboration and automation capabilities within our prepress operation, and enhances PDF and color workflows. Prinergy’s InSite module allows you to check out your proofs remotely online and approve or append as needed. Various workstations are used for FTP, virus protection, font management, preflight, automatic archiving, and CD and DVD burning.

MAN Roland 700 Series, 7/C convertible, 28″ x 40″ (7/0, 5/2) plus Aqueous Coater
Miehle Roland 600 Series, 6/C, 28″ x 40″ (6/0)
Miehle Roland 600 Series, 2/C convertible, 28″ x 40″ (2/0, 1/1)
Presstek 52 DI 14″ x 20″ (4/0)
Ryobi 3200 CD, 2/C T-head, 13.375″ x 17.75″ (2/0)
Halm Super Jet, 2/C envelope press (2/2 up to 9″ x 12″, 2/0 up to 12″ x 18″)

Digital/Variable Printing 

HP Indigo 7000 Digital Printing System
PSI LM 3640 Envelope Laser Printer

Spot Color 
Xerox Docutech Highlight Color 128, Black and Spot Color, High Speed Laser

2 Kodak E125 Printing Systems
Various 24 to 50 PPM Lasers

2 Lawson Programmable Cutting Systems
3 26″ x 40″ Continuous Feed Folding Systems
1 30″ x 40″ Continuous Feed Folding System
– MBO Z2 knife folder
– in-line automatic crushers and stackers
– gate folding plates and gluing systems
Muller-Martini Minuteman Saddle Stitcher, cover feeder, 4 pockets and 2 hand-feed stations
Rollem 40″ 2-Bank Double-Head TR Jump System, rotary scoring, perforating, slitting
19″ Dorn SPE UV Coater
10″ x 15″ Heidelberg Windmill
UCHIDA Countron 2000 Counting Machine
Baum/Lawson Superduty 5-Hole Drill
22- and 25-Bin Collators
Mechanical Binding Systems including: Wire-O, GBC, Spirallastic, ChannelBind and side stitching
Various padding, shrink wrappers, banding and strapping equipment, hand-work stations and label printers

Inkjet Imaging and Mail Processing 
Scitex 5120 Dual-Head DijitPrint Inkjet System
Custom Wide Format Inkjet Self-Mailer System, three 1″ Buskro HP-based print heads, in-line folding and wafer sealing
Gunther HP-based 1.5″ Single-Head Portable Inkjet
3 Six-Station Letter-Size Inserters
1 Pitney Bowes Flowmaster RS Flex Inserting System with in-line read and print addressing
1 Six-Station Master Mailer (10″ x 13″) Inserter with book and hand-feed extension
Various wafer sealers, meter bases, stamp affixers, scales, labelers and strapping machines
Unique Substrates
With our advanced color digital press, we can print on many different and unique substrates. This opens up many possibilities for creative marketing. The only limiting factor is one’s imagination. By working with us as a strategic partner, we can help you develop some very unique marketing campaigns that leverage this technology along with many of the substrates listed below:
  • Self-adhesives (Permanent, Removable, Vinyls Clear)
  •  Synthetics
  •  Static clings
  •  Teslin
  •  Polyester
  •  Styrene
  •  Vinyl
  •  Magnets
  •  Vellum
  •  Pearl
  •  Colored papers
  •  Paperboard
  •  Textured
  •  Special uncoated
Email Blasts
Today, there are two main types of email — transactional and marketing email. Each has their unique place in helping you meet key goals set by your organization. Marketing email is primarily focused on customer acquisition and retention, while transactional email is focused on facilitating ongoing engagement with existing customers. However, both can work in tandem to create a powerful email program that will build solid relationships with customers.

Emails represent one channel of communication with your prospects and customers. You should coordinate this with other channels, such as print, Web and social media, to successfully drive someone to take the intended action of your overall campaign. This is accomplished by providing relevant content based on the analysis of your database of information.

Contact us so that we can help you coordinate your channels of communication with your prospects and customers, utilizing our proven best practices.
QR Codes
A QR Code (short for “Quick Response”) is a barcode that contains data that can be read by a phone’s camera. Most smartphones come equipped with software that allows them to download a QR Code reader. Once you download a reader, the phone’s camera acts like a scanner, allowing it to “read” the barcode. You can download a reader to your phone (iPhone, Android, and more) by using your mobile phone browser to go to

How QR Codes Work

When customers scan your QR code with their smartphone, they can access a good deal more information than you would ever be able to fit on a direct mail piece, sign, ad, or business card. The process is simple. A customer – or potential one – scans your QR code and translates it into actionable information, such as a text message, mobile Web page or other online content.

How Can QR Codes Be Used for Marketing?

There are a number of practical ways QR codes can be used for marketing and promotions in a variety of settings. QR Codes can be integrated into just about any type of printed materials, including:
• Conference/Event Displays
• Print Advertisements
• Business Cards
• Brochures, Posters and Flyers
• Postcards and Mailers

What Are Some Examples of How QR Codes Can Be Used?

There are numerous ways that QR Codes can be used to strategically bridge off-line and online media. Here are just a few examples:

• A consultant’s business card contains a QR code that links to a landing page with enthusiastic client testimonials, or a VCard to download contact info.
• A public education poster about substance abuse provides a QR code that links to a mobile website with a self-assessment quiz and community support resources.
• A local business displays a QR code with a link to their Google Places page with customer reviews and coupons.
• A retail store displays a QR Code next to in-store products to view product demonstrations and reviews.
• An advertisement for a nonprofit organization includes a QR code that links to a volunteer and donation page.
• A restaurant includes a QR code on a takeout menu, which links to a mobile restaurant website for online reservations, orders and interactive directions.
• A home-repair product includes a link to a how-to video with installation instructions.
• A campaign sign for a political candidate contains a QR code that links to an audio file with a message from the candidate, or a mobile landing page with the candidate’s bio, campaign platform, and opportunities to volunteer or contribute.
• A vendor at a conference places a QR code on their display booth so that attendees can conveniently scan and save the vendor’s information as they pass by.
• A realtor places a QR Code on For Sale sign in front of a residential property, which provides additional home specifications, interior photos and Google Maps location for later reference.
• A promotional poster for a movie contains a QR Code with a link to a video of the trailer and form to opt-in to notifications when the film is released.

What Are Some Other Advantages of Using QR Codes?

• User Convenience
• Environmentally Friendly
• Cost-Effective
• Versatile
• Device Independent
• Measurable
• Competitive Differentiation
Data can help you address a wide variety of marketing opportunities and challenges, facilitating information sharing to get tasks done more effectively and efficiently, and powering automated systems. Data empowers a move to one-to-one marketing based upon consumers’ actual behaviors and preferences. Beyond that, it can help you uncover new niche audiences by grouping people based on behaviors and interests rather than traditional demographics. Some other benefits of data include:

• Retain and upsell existing customers.
• Identifying new customers.
• Revealing new marketing opportunities.
• Driving more profitable advertising.
• Measuring the impact of campaigns more accurately.

Data can help you better understand how different media contribute to campaign performance, uncovering both opportunities and inefficiencies. By tracking your campaign responses and updating your database, you can learn how effectively each channel drives toward your desired objective, leading to better informed budget allocations and improved ROI.

Contact Harty – let us help you organize and analyze your data and show how to utilize it to maximize your overall marketing results, using our proven best practices.
Digital Printing
Digital Printing can provide many benefits — from making small print runs cost-effective to merging your data with the technology to achieve fully personalized, relevant document communications with your prospects and customers. With over 25 years of experience with digital printing technology, Harty can help you achieve the maximum effectiveness with your brochures, newsletters, and really any documents to reach your goals at the best ROI.

Contact us so that we can help you leverage this technology to have the greatest benefit for you.
Target Marketing
One of the fastest growing trends in business today is the adoption of Customer Relation Management (CRM) and personalized marketing. Its focus is to identify, acquire and retain the best customers for profitable growth. To achieve this, business documents must communicate with prospective customers in a personalized and individually targeted manner. Making a connection with your prospect or customer will help you achieve increased response rates, retention and loyalty. 
That’s what personalized marketing is all about.

More and more businesses are starting to include targeted messaging in their documents and other communication. Based on this trend, customers are experiencing more personalization, overall, in their day-to-day lives. Merchant and business vendors are sending out targeted offerings in print and online in an effort to gain market share.

One could argue that there’s still plenty of time to jump on the targeted marketing bandwagon. So what’s the risk of waiting a little bit longer? The risk increases over time. As more and more companies utilize and refine their use of targeted communications, documents without relevant content look even more generic in comparison. There begins to be a message (perceived or real) that another company understands them better.

Harty has helped many clients to build a more comprehensive database to utilize for more relevant marketing messaging and to achieve a better ROI from their marketing dollars. Contact us so we can help you attain similar results.
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